We are pleased to announce our new integration partnerships with Reflect.Finance (RFI) and Axioms.app. (AXI). We will be integrating both RFI and AXIOMS as boosts for our new Dream pools and Pool Contracts. Our mission

RFI Integration

ZZZ has partnered with Reflect.Finance (RFI) and we will be Integrating RFI as the 4th…

We’re so glad to have you at ZZZ ! Thanks for dropping by and reading this article, and a special Thankyou to all the ZZZ OGs and holders who have held firm in anticipation for our massive ecosystem upgrades

Strategy & Objectives Of v2 Upgrade.

Sustainability is key in DeFi, and we have unanimously agreed that…

Hey ZZZers ! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. ZZZ will now be going through it’s migration phase to v2.

ZZZ Migration pools will be going live within 48 Hours.

There will be 4 migration pools.

ZZZ -> ZZZv2

NAP -> NAPv2




AMA Transcript from D’va: https://medium.com/@dvanews/ama-recap-dva-with-zzz-finance-ea3f6afdb0c7

Thanks to the D’va Community for participating in Ask Me Anything(AMA) with ZZZ.Finance on Sept 22, 2020 Team Leader ( Hamza Al-Shaami ). If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries. you can read more here.

Hello all glad to be here

Sky Kanekii:
We are glad to meet here:
@Hamza_alshaami @Masterfullydone Hamza Al-Shaami & Emanny team Leader of ZZZ finance

Hamza Al-Shaami | ZZZ.Finance | $DREAM:
Hello all ! Pleasure to be here :)

Sky Kanekii:
How are you feel…

Just a quick community update RE: AUDIT

Who did we choose? CERTIK.IO

We have just completed payment and finalized our negotiations with CERTIK.IO to perform a complete audit of our entire ecosystem and pools. From ZZZ to NAP to DREAM. We have chosen CERTIK as they are a trusted and…

September 8th, 2020: ZZZ Gives Back to the Community

DREAM was born to complement and provide an extra layer to the ZZZ ecosystem. In its current state, it serves as a compounder and liquidity token, whilst we develop the ecosystem and adopt more innovative utility use-cases for ZZZ, NAP, and DREAM. BTC is digital gold. ZZZ is the digital…

Hello from the ZZZ team!
We at ZZZ understand volatility in the cryptocurrency space and the need to hedge in stablecoins
So we decided to reward and entice stablecoin holders with new pools that will emit our $DREAM Token.
Receiving feedback from many community members that they have no where to park their USDT amongst others stablecoins we have taken the initiative and given you all a chance to now farm DREAM with your stablecoins! Along with a brand new ZZZ/USDT pair.



Now live at https://dreamswap.io
..do not sleep on this!

September 3rd, 2020


It’s time to take sleeping to the next level and start DREAMing!

DREAM is the latest token added to the ecosystem.

Contract: 0xa93D5Cfaa41193b13321c035b4bDD2B534172762

Pool.Dreamswap.io is now live, the next layer in the ZZZ ecosystem.

We’re bringing in the crypto masses with outside liquidity pools, bringing funds into…

First and foremost we want all members of the community to know we are deeply saddened for our ZZZ FAMILY who were hurt during the Snoozer Events, we acknowledge the mistake from our end. …

Dear ZZZ Community,

While the team is working on functionality for the protocol we would like the community to have its input on a very important thing. Starting from today a competition will begin to design a UI/UX for the ZZZ platform. …


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