AUDIT: Service Agreement Signed With CERTIK.IO

Just a quick community update RE: AUDIT

Who did we choose? CERTIK.IO

We have just completed payment and finalized our negotiations with CERTIK.IO to perform a complete audit of our entire ecosystem and pools. From ZZZ to NAP to DREAM. We have chosen CERTIK as they are a trusted and reputable brand with unrivalled expertise in the quality of conducting extensive and efficient code auditing. Our community deserves nothing but the best, and quality polished code is paramount to that.

CertiK will examine ZZZ’s “source code” for syntactical, semantic, and logical errors with a methodology including “but not limited to”:

• White box code review

• Static Analysis

• Expert Manual Review

The Services consist of:

• A primary “audit and review” of all source code in scope.

• Open communication channel between engineering teams for the purpose of feedback, clarification, and discussion on issues and suggested remediations.

The scope of this review will be limited to verification that any improvements, errors or vulnerabilities previously identified have been properly remediated or that the suggested modifications have been implemented without opening up new issues.

This Verification Service Agreement (including the Terms of Service enclosed, the “Agreement”), dated as of 2020/09/02 (the “Effective Date”), is by and between CertiK, LLC (“CertiK”), and ZZZ.Finance

Scope of Engagement

CertiK will assess the following files based the provided source code repository/commit hash

The audit process will utilize a mixture of expert manual review, static analysis, and techniques. This mechanism will utilize white-box testing in order to cover a majority of the logic.

The CertiK team will conduct multiple iterations on the following repository:

• DreamUSDTLP.sol

• NapDream.sol

• OMGPool.sol


• USDTPool.sol

• WETHPool.sol


• ZZZPool.sol


• CalculateCycle.sol

• ERC20.sol

• Migrations.sol

• Multiplier.sol

• SnoozerV2.sol

• Stake.sol

• UNILiqudityCalculator.sol

• treasury.sol


This Verification Service Agreement (including the Terms of Service enclosed, the “Agreement”), dated as of 2020.09.02 (the “Effective Date”), is by and between CertiK, LLC (“CertiK”), and ZZZ Finance. More updates to follow.