We are pleased to announce our new integration partnerships with Reflect.Finance (RFI) and Axioms.app. (AXI). We will be integrating both RFI and AXIOMS as boosts for our new Dream pools and Pool Contracts. Our mission

RFI Integration

ZZZ has partnered with Reflect.Finance (RFI) and we will be Integrating RFI as the 4th spendable boost on our ZZZv2/ETH Vault, ZZZv2 Vault, and ZZZv2/NAP Vault.

The spendable boosts will work in the same manner as NAP does as a spendable boost. With the RFI collecting going to the ZZZ treasury.

The RFI boosts will work as follows

RFI boosts will also be used on some DREAM pools, not all.

In addition to this, ZZZ has offered RFI community a place for them to start using RFI/ETH LP for farming. How ? It’s simple. RFI community will be seeking their own external partnerships, finding their own token seeds, all ZZZ will do is build them the pools and add our multiplier contracts on top. Giving RFI LP holders the incentive to come into the ZZZ platform.

What Is RFI ?

RFI is a DeFi protocol that envisions 1% of all money moved being automatically redistributed to all holders of the network, all done without without staking. With RFI and their innovative tech, they have created a way to earn yields without staking or having to claim rewards, thus eliminating the cost of GAS in this innovative and ground breaking build. It all just ends up in your wallet through a new method they like to call a “reflect”. In addition to this reflect, they have a black-hole that is also compounding interest on all transfers. So not only is the balance in your own wallet increasing, the supply decreases around your wallet at the same time, making this a true innovate inversed fractional reserve based currency. The perfect integration for ecosystems like ours.

AXIOMS Integration

ZZZ has partnered with Axioms.app (AXI) and we will be Integrating AXI as burnable boost across some of our DREAM pools.

The burnable boosts will work in the same manner as NAP and RFI does as a spendable boost except burnable. The AXIOMS boosts will work as follows

This will also add more cross exposure for both ZZZ and AXIOMS communities as these integrations will bring in AXIOMS community to ZZZ and also assists AXIOMS in having extra utility as a burnable boost.

What Is AXIOMS ?

AXIOMS helps kick-start new projects wanting to build both existing and new mechanical ideas in the crypto space in an exciting and innovative way. This partnership creates opportunities for the ZZZ ecosystem to be attractive and draw some of the new hype that new projects get, and grow both our community and incoming partner pools.